Opportunities for social economy enterprises in new emerging sectors and digitalization

As a social coop enterprise working in the technology sector, we had the opportunity to participate in a Peer Review Session of the Social Economy Network in Madrid, 16 & 17 October. During those two days, we discussed about how current enterprises can benefit from digitalization and also how the social economy can grow into[…]

SSE and Open Technologies: A Synergy with Great Potential

Like every healthy movement, the Social & Solidarity Economy (SSE) should have structures and tools that promote its principles and ensure its autonomy. Unfortunately, with regard to the tools it uses, it remains captive to the various ‘closed’ technologies it is supplied with by mainstream companies. To realize how important that is, one must take[…]

assembled InkShield

Specialized for Academic Research

The CommonsLab provides specialized products and services for academic research in the areas of physics, optics and photonics, but also for biology, material science and other disciplines. We have year-long experience in experimental science, dealing with various types of lasers and spectrometers, but also with nano- and microelectronics as well as cryogenics and various types[…]