Digifest: Digital Creativity Festival 2017

Many 3D prints…

This year again, we are glad to participate in the Digital Creativity Festival for Schools in Heraklion and Ag. Nikolaos in Crete.

Everyone will have the change to see dozens of 3D prints, and our Lulzbot TAZ 6 3D printer in action, along with our reaction game which has been created by us with Arduino and also learn about the open source software and hardware and its advantages.

With in the festival and in collaboration with teachers we are doing workshops for kids “Create an electronic musical instrument with Scratch and Arduino”. Students will get the chance to create electronic circuits using breadboards and Arduino and program them with Scratch for Arduino (S4A). They will create a simplified theremin musical instrument by using a light sensor. You can see the workshop material here.


The open hardware Lulzbot TAZ 6 printer in action.

Promoting free software, Wikipedia and open source.

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