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We offer knowledge and expertise on open-source technologies with the goal to make new technologies accessible to everyone.
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We offer educational courses and workshops for kids and adults on open technologies, such as 3D printing, cutting with CNC, electronics with Arduino and programming.

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Our lab is also for you! Our 3D printers, the CNC, the tools and the equipment may be used by all our members to build their own projects here in the comfort of a well equiped lab.

R&D and prototyping

We offer R&D services in specialized fields of open-source technologies, like 3D printing, electronics and programming, to help you with your ideas and projects and in the process of rapid prototyping. From designing to 3D printing a model to testing and prototyping electronics.



Our Team

 Who we are:

Manolis Britzolakis

Manolis has a degree in Finance with experience in collaborative and community projects. His out-of-the-box mind has the organization and coordination skills for the Commons.

Dimitris Koukoulakis

Dimitris has a masters degree in software engineering with experience in embedded systems development, from back-end to front-end, including mobile applications. He enjoys collaborating for the Commons.

Jann Kruse

Jann has a PhD in experimental physics with experience in microelectronics and lasers. His passion for freedom of knowledge and innovation involves him in 3D-printing, digital fabrication and automation.

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