8 September, 2016


Workstation.resizedCommonsLab Makerspace is a place to create, build, repair and experiment as well as to meet, share and exchange knowledge and experience.

The place is equipped with a wide range of tools from simple screwdrivers and pliers to various power tools, such as a jigsaw or an orbital sander, until advanced manufacturing machines like 3D-printers and CNC. For  working with electronic devices, CommonsLab Makerspace provides a soldering station, an oscilloscope and a variety of electronic components such as sensors, as well as micro-controllers and single-board computers etc for the development of smart appliances.

CommonsLab Makerspace is the ideal place in Heraklion to experiment with innovative ideas, create interactive artistic objects and develop prototypes in an inspiring and enabling environment, either alone or in collaboration with open-minded people, who like to think out of the box. Especially students of technology and computer science, but also artists, designers, architects, engineers and other professions can benefit from the variety of equipment and knowledge which we provide to our members.